Full service agency & management firm representing leaders of the health, integrated medicine & wellness markets; providing brand development, marketing & mass media exposure for experts, thought leaders, & products/services companies.



Professional management and agent representation of your brand and business. We are your bodies on the street representing you, being where you can't be, ensuring you don't miss an opportunity to build, scale and expand your business through multiple channels.


Leverage millennia of combined brain power and experience to capture the essence of your business. Identify business and brand objectives. Define your path to success. Create the story of your brand, it's products and services, and connect it to consumers and patients.



Share the soul and story of your brand and business, it's products and services to the masses. Leverage powerful opportunities to evangelize and spread the message of your brand and it's greatness to millions. Capture, connect and sell your brand, products and services to consumers.

What sets a superstar physician or wellness expert apart from an everyday one?   Agency Representation with Access.


Most doctors have no representation for their brand and marketing. They mistakenly try to manage the brand and marketing as an inside job... and it usually fails miserably.

As professional agents, we represent talented physicians and wellness experts in the marketplace, in the media, and at live events. Our job is to provide placement and create opportunity for our clients and their products and services in the media, in the minds of conference organizers, and in the minds of customers and patients local and national. We provide guidance, management, and promotional services to tell your story to the largest number of patients and customers possible using our decades of marketing experience and media access to do it! Do what you do best, and let us do what we do best.


Take the Body, Mind & Soul Approach


Doctors and wellness experts are always asking us: "how do I attract more patients and customers to my practice or to my online business?" First you have to be found, which today means online, and second you have to make an emotional connection.

Creating an emotional connection means developing a brand. No, we're not talking about a logo. A brand is the story, promise and personality of you. Your business is an extension of you. How we package that up and deliver it to the world is your brand and brand experience. Do this to engage, inspire and convert customers.


People only buy what they trust and feel connected too!


Our marketing and media experienced team brings what works for Hollywood and Madison Avenue to the integrative health and wellness industry. Your patients and customers are people in the real world who have learned to make decisions based on story-driven marketing with an entertainment angle. This is their learned and preferred sales language.

What story are you telling them? What experience are you promising them and with what personality that is uniquely your company? Why should they choose you from the thousands of other options?

Using a customized blend of PR, paid media and established relationships, with an integrated TV, Print, Digital, and Social Media approach, we tell your story in a way that resonates with your customers, and connect them to you using various marketing tactics.


Health & Wellness is Social, Driven By Thought Leaders!


Think about it. When you or someone you know gets sick, what do they do? They reach out to the opinion leaders in their life (friends and family), or consult an expert (physician, wellness expert, etc), or they go to the Internet seeking an expert or expert advice. Ultimately, in every scenario, a Thought Leader is the primary source of an inquiry, because even their friends and family will recommend a Thought Leader they either saw on TV, read about in a magazine, or heard about on the radio. So what are you waiting for? Becoming a Thought Leader is the best decision you can make for your brand and business!



"Q" is Well and Wise's Curated Wellness Ecosystem


A curated wellness ecosystem and marketplace connecting consumers to ONLY the best wellness experts, tools, products and content online AND in their communities. Q provides leading integrated healthcare and wellness thought leaders with their own channel and a suite of features and functions providing them a seamless, uncluttered environment to engage, educate, promote, and sell their content, products and brand experience. Q offers consumers and patients trusted content, simplicity, convenience, personalization, customization and immediate access to the top Thought Leaders, content and products in the integrated healthcare and wellness markets.


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