Founded by a diverse group of health & wellness experts, physicians, and entertainment industry marketing & brand executives, Well and Wise is a professional agency committed to curating the best experts, content and products within the health, wellness and integrative healthcare spaces.


The noise and fragmentation of the health and wellness media landscape has made the emergence of wellness and integrative healthcare thought leadership and brands essential. Many physicians and experts find themselves lost and overwhelmed as they simultaneously manage their clinic/business operations, attempt to stay on top of advances in research and technology, all while also trying to manage their brand and marketing efforts on their own, in a fractured and complex media environment.

We have one message for you. STOP DROWNING! Well and Wise provides a means of developing and promoting your intellectual property under your own brand. We then use your brand and IP to scale your business through monetization and marketing strategies that both stabilize and grow your clinical/business operations, while also establishing additional revenue streams that require very little of your time.



Portraits by Tara Lefevre

Randy Beckham

Randy Beckham

Chad Lefevre

Chad Lefevre
VP, Marketing

Jeff Silver

Jeff Silver


Associates & Staff

Janice Hall
SVP, Business Development

Erin Saxton
SVP, Marketing

Kevin Breeding
SVP, Digital Strategy

Michael Shaun Conaway
Creative Director

Al Haeger
Creative Director

Chad Cox
Digital & Web


Susan Joseph
Advisor, Strategy

Rich Farr
Business Development

Tara Lefevre


Dr. Barry Lycka

Dr. James Chow
Senior Advisor

Dr. Jon Petrick
Senior Advisor