D-N-A is our business and brand diagnostic process for health care companies. D-N-A is designed to shed light on the inefficiencies, driving assumptions, and blind spots common in many health care businesses, and currently negatively effecting, if not driving your business and brand. 

DNA facilitates innovation, creativity and profitability in business using a neuroscience influenced non-linear, deep-dive approach. DNA gets to the heart of your brand’s promise and personality and tell its story to the world via a multi-media approach. 

We work with the executive team to close the gap between what you know you know, and what you don’t know you don’t know in your business. We then work with you to identify goals and objectives, develop an integrated strategy across all operational facets, and map out a tactical execution plan, complete with milestones and feedback into the strategy, so that we can adjust and pivot as needed.

The objective of DNA is two-fold: 1) tackle the a) known, b) known unknown, c) unknown unknown dynamic limiting your success, and 2) hit the emotions of your audience, and take the logic, reason and thinking out of their decision making.

D-iscovery challenges and opportunities within your current operational model and marketing strategy through a process of deconstruction. This includes envisioning and backcasting exercises designed to break the client’s existing mental models about its core business model, audience engagement and its brand identity, allowing for the creative design of internal systems and the brand identity it wants and needs to communicate to its audiences. In this phase, participants are presented with new ideas and perspectives that will challenge their existing world-view. 

N-etworks the many elements that make the client great - its strategic assets, its social assets, the communicative activities that have contributed to the client’s success and the viability of these activities going forward. In this phase, ideas are treated as models to be tested and explored, not judged or condemned. 

A-ccelerates towards action and the design and implementation of a brand identity tied to the client’s business plan and its operational strategy, essential systems necessary to execute on it. The client identifies key messages that best communicate its promise and personality, and experiences a comprehensive non-linear and collaborative process resulting in a complete identity “makeover” and the marketing strategy to communicate it.