"What am I talking about", you ask? We recently Google Searched the term “wellness”. Google produced 138 million sites containing something to do with “wellness”. The search term “health care” was just as crazy. How can anyone make sense of this, or meaningfully engage with this amount of content!?

And what about Millennials - the biggest generation since the baby boomers? They don’t consume content like Gen X’ers or Boomers. They only exist on mobile and tablet devices and make decisions socially. How on earth will they be able to live a well life - something they are keen to do - when “wellness” and “healthcare” are buried in a maze of micro sites?

CEW curates and connects the top health care experts, companies and brands with consumers desperate for ease of access to a trusted, curated ecosystem for wellness, through a powerful multi-million dollar and award winning platform being deployed with health care expert and wellness professional partners starting in 2015.

As a trusted curated social wellness ecosystem and marketplace, CEW helps users customize, manage and track their wellness, as well as have recommended content and products exactly aligned with their wellness goals. Top health and wellness experts across all categories can productize their expert special knowledge, launch a product tied to their professional brand, and scale their business beyond their clinical operation.

Users Can: 

  • customize, track and manage wellness objectives tied to their profile 
  • instantly find the answers they are looking for 
  • buy products needed to support their goals 
  • be social and build community with other wellness minded people

Experts & Brands Can:

  • leverage powerful tools to build audience and promote products
  • get social and add value to customers
  • deploy their own e-commerce business on the platform
  • easily access a single mass audience, versus competing chaotic “search based” web market space

Wanna know more? Think you have what it takes to be inside the curated marketplace? Simply provide your name and email address, and we will connect with you to tell you more! Check it out!